Commercial Packing

Ever wonder how all the items in your office or business are going to be packed and moved to your new location? Well, Anaheim Moving Stars is here to help as we understand that moving can be overwhelming. There is always so much to do and little time to accomplish everything. Moving an entire office entails moving delicate items such as inventory, computers, equipment and so much more. Additionally, it requires disrupting the normal workflow of the workplace.

All this sounds tricky, right? Well, we are professional commercial movers and one of the services we offer clients commercial packing services. Whenever you contact us for any commercial packing, we will follow the following steps.

Prepare a detailed schedule. a workplace usually has a systematic process of professionalism. So why not bring this professionalism when packing your property. We will first create a schedule or a time table plus a moving checklist of all the tasks pending. Our timelines will be strict so as to ensure that work is moving as planned and minimize downtime. Proper planning, execution and progress will ensure that you can return back to work without much hustle.

We will then proceed and liaise with all departments so that they can assist. This is by backing up their data removing personal items from their workstations and also have them know about the intended move.

After notifying your employees, we will start by packing all the items in the office. We know that electrical items have tons of cable attached to them and we do have technicians to handle all of that. Our staff are also trained in commercial packing.

After packing all the items will then place them in well-marked boxes for easy identification. Fragile items will also be placed in speciality boxes so as to minimize damages.