This is the most common moving service in Anaheim, many people assume that it is easy because you are relocating within the same town but in essence, it can be very difficult. Especially if you do not plan and manage the move professionally. The mindset which has brought detriment to most people is that all they need to do is pack and move. At Anaheim Moving Stars we will assign highly trained professionals who will ensure that all aspects to the move are covered. It doesn't matter the size of the move as we are capable of handling any type of move whether small or large. We will ensure that all your property arrives at your new location in time and without any damages.

Whenever you contact us you will be assigned a consultant who will help you with all your moving needs. The consultant is equipped with all tools which will ensure that you make a successful move. You will also be required to state all your needs to the consultant so that he can plan for your relocation so that you can have an amazing moving service.

Whenever you choose Anaheim Moving Stars for your local moving needs these are the services you will get.

Professional local moving. We have employed only the best-trained staff so as to deliver professional services. All our employees know everything regarding packing, loading and moving and are capable of handling your belongings with care and respect.

Fragile items handling. Our decades of service to the clients of Anaheim has enabled us to develop working systems to ensure that we can handle all your fragile items without risk. We understand that these items can break easily and thus we give a little TLC to them as we ship them to your new location. This is why we are the best moving company with stunning reviews. You do not have to worry about your fragile items as we are professionals.

Inventory taking. Before we can initiate any move, our staff will help you take inventory of all your belongings and make a list. The consultant will then provide you with the list so that you can confirm everything on the list. This is to ensure that you are able to claim anything that is either lost or damaged. We will then pack, load and move your belongings to your new location. Because we are professionals, we cover all property being shipped so that if by any chance damage does occur we can replace it.

Unloading. We do offer unloading services on all packed items from the truck into your new premises. This will be done in record time but with care so as not to destroy any item.

Unpacking. If you have chosen the full service moving, we will take care of unpacking your items into your house. You will need to provide all the details to the movers so as to ensure that all items are placed at their preferred location when the job is finally done.

Disassembly and assembly. Our staff are well trained to disassemble and assemble any large items. If any items require special assembly, we do have technicians who can help with that.

Transportation. We have a large fleet of trucks and vans which are always available to assist in the move. This means that we are efficient and always reliable as we maintain an in-house fleet for high performance and efficiency.