Long Distance Movers

Anaheim Moving Stars has been in the industry for years and have acquired knowledge to successfully move a client's belongings long distances. Anaheim Moving Stars decades of experience has ensured that all your long distance moves are successful. This is because our employees are well trained to provide a smooth transition to your new address. Each long distance move we undertake begins with a free quotation which you can get online when you visit our site. Once you contact Anaheim Moving Stars and confirm your move, we will proceed to assign a consultant who will guide you through your move including planning for the said move. This is to ensure that you have the best moving experience. The consultant you will be assigned is a professional mover and understand the need to safely relocate your belongings to your new location.

Our moving teams have been trained to follow a system which will ensure that the move is efficient and goes as planned. Years of helping residents and businesses in Anaheim has enabled us to develop a working system which will ensure that clients are able to relocate without any difficulty. Before shipping any item, we will begin by taking an inventory of all your property. This is to ensure that all items being shipped are covered and accounted for when the move is complete. Each item will then be wrapped in protective padding to minimise breakages or damage when they are being transported to your new premises. After delivering your belongings, our team will unwrap and place each item in their preferred position. Please note that long distance moving which requires crossing state lines need to adhere to the inter-state laws.

At Anaheim Moving Stars we offer moving services throughout the entire area or Anaheim and the country. We guarantee that our services are on time, and your property delivered safely at your new location. It doesn't matter whether your destination is in the same state or outside the state as we will ensure that your belongings are delivered in crisp condition. As a professional long distance mover, we are always committed to safe delivery through careful handling of your property so that you can hit the ground running without any worries. Long distance moving encompasses mileage from your current location to your destination plus the total weight of the items being shipped. To calculate the entire cost of a long distance move we will need the total weight and distance so that we can give you the correct quote. You can check out the online cost calculator here.

Anaheim Moving Stars is a specialist long distance mover and we strive to provide the best service possible. This is by offering easy to understand quotes without any hidden charges or fees for a convenient moving experience. When you contact us you will be assigned a consultant who will help you handle the long distance move. This ensures that your relocation is comprehensive and personalised to cater for your every move.

Our staff will work hand in hand with you and take care of everything until you are safely relocated to your new address. So make sure to contact us today and get the following services:

  • -An inventory list
  • -Guaranteed and on time pick up and delivery
  • -Pick-up is done by our staff only
  • -Unique tagging number
  • -customised cratting
  • -Packing and unpacking
  • -storage
  • -quality packing materials