Packing and Wrapping

Since moving is a very tricky and complicated task, we have ensured that you can do it without any difficulty. This is by providing quality tips so that you can pack your items properly. If you are still unsure, you can contact us and we will be happy to oblige to your request. We have provided them to ensure that you can prevent moving tragedies. It all boils down to a matter of adequate preparation and having the right tools.

Here are some of our easy tips to pack up your items and keep them safe.

Prepare in advance. Packing up valuables need careful planning. This includes having adequate packing materials and time for careful packing. You do not need to rush through this step if you have decided not to hire a mover for this. Start well in advance of the moving day and take time to properly pack each item so as not to break or damage your property. If you contact us we will ensure that we arrive in advance with our packing materials and go ahead and pack your property.

Having the right tools. Make sure you have the right tools for your packing. This includes quality boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, scissors, pliable cardboard, and packing tape. We do have these items in our stores and you can purchase them directly from us if you decide to do your own packing. If you hire us we will come with the packing materials.

Find below how to pack fragile items if you do decide to do your own packing.

Plates, all plates should be packed vertically in a small to medium boxes. The boxes should be lined up with crumpled up paper at the bottom and at the top. Make sure to wrap and each plate with bubble wrap and secure safely with tape. Place crumpled up paper between the standing places. Do not make the mistake of overpacking your plates. Anaheim Moving Stars has dish packs available for easy packing, whether for hiring or packing services.

Glasses. When packing glass, make sure that you wrap glasses individually with packing paper. repeat the same step of lining the boxes with crumpled up paper at the top and bottom. The crumpled up paper will act to reduce the space in the box and thus reduce the chances of glasses shifting and breaking.

Lampshades. All lap shades should be packed flat site up separately with tons of paper. lamp shades can be placed in a large box and bubble wrap used appropriately.

Pictures and frames. All pictures or frames should be placed in a medium to small boxes with the inside lined with paper. They should be placed standing if more than 8 inches with crumpled up paper between the pieces. Top frames with more paper to reduce shifting when moving. Pictures that are over 3 feet in size must be secured with a moving blanket, bubble wrap and shipped separately.

Speciality items. When packing speciality items, make sure to consider the shape and size of the piece as well as any handles protruding pieces. Wrap each piece completely in bubble wrap securing it with a tape. Place the item in pliable cut cardboard and then place another identical cardboard at the top and bend the ends until it meets the other piece and secure with tape. Then place the piece in a paper-lined box that is roughly the same size as the object. Make sure to fill up all the spaces left in the box then secure and mark the box in a bold felt marker fragile.

Other items which can be used to fill up left spaces include old towels, newsprint or even paper towels. This, of course, is when you decide to self-pack. When you contact us for your moving needs, we will, of course, come with all the required tools to ensure a successful move.

Finally, when shipping, make sure to notify your mover which boxes contain fragile items. If you are unsure we have specialized boxes for fragile items for easy moving.