Office and Business Movers

Moving a business or an office is the most difficult mission a company can undertake. One of the most essential actions Anaheim Moving Stars do is to help clients have the required tools and information which will help the client have a successful move.

What we do

The basic job of an office or business mover is to arrange sources for individuals in our team to so as to relocate the business without any hitch. We cover all areas in Anaheim or nationally depending on your needs. The recourse offered by us will include advice, checklists and tools which will ensure that you as a company have easy relocation experience. These materials are offered in the form of documents, either online or on paperback, insights and planning details that require to be done at each step of the move. The sources also consist of information that can allow the company relocate without any difficulty. As you know making an informed decision is the best way to provide a successful move.

At Anaheim Moving Stars, we specialize in office and business moving and thus we have versatile teams who are familiar with common and uncommon challenges of the business we intend to move. We put in strategies and our operational experience will ensure that the move is successful. Many companies ignore the fact that complex planning in commercial moving is needed and thus end up messing everything up.

So to avoid shoddy and messy jobs, we follow a well-developed system where we will deliver pure gold depending on your needs. We use well tested and tried checklists and processes so as to guarantee success.

What to expect

Because we are a reliable and trustworthy company we have do's and don't that guide our services. One of the main do's is making sure that you receive a personalized service so as to identify your property. This is because no business is alike in nature and thus need to have different processes to ensure a smooth transition and avoid losing any items during the move.

It doesn't matter how small or inconsequential an office item looks, it has to have a tab in our checklist. Computer cables, books cases, typewriters, whiteboards and all other office items are all labelled. Because this is a commercial move all boxes used in moving are marked at their ends and not at the top. We will also ensure that all pieces in your office which are hidden are specially marked for an easy move. The most important aspect which we do is research and decide on the most suitable process, either to ship directly to your new address or store the items all depending on your companies needs.

As a precaution, we will notify you to make sure that all electric appliances are disconnected before the beginning of the office move. We also recommend that you clear all the contents in your furniture for easier and safe transportation. Private items such as flash drives, money, pictures and valuable personal effects should also be transported to your new location by your employees as we do not handle such items.

So to initiate a perfect move here is a sample checklist which will guide us to begin your relocation.

  • -Is the office empty?
  • -All wall items taken down?
  • -All file cabinets locked?
  • -Are supply cupboards cleared
  • -Are all breakables properly packed with the right packaging materials?
  • -Have we used the appropriate tags on the items?
  • -Are all equipment containing liquids been properly drained?
  • -Are proper stickers used on all items?
  • -Are the desks and chairs pads been properly labelled?

To guarantee the best moving service to fit your business or office you need to find a certified moving company and that is Anaheim Moving Stars. You need a moving company with a history and this is what you will find at Anaheim Moving Stars. We have a 100% success rates in office or business moving with first-rate tracking capabilities.