Planning is always the key to a successful move and this is the first step you will undertake when you decide it's time to relocate. You will need to create a checklist which will enable you to move without any challenges. So here are some items which need to be checked off when you decide to move.

Purge and sort. Go through your belongings and decide which items are important and you want to take with you and which items you can afford to go without. Think of the items which will need special packing or extra insurance and mark it off in the checklist so that you do not forget.

Research. start investigating the different moving companies and their reviews. Do not rely on a quote either online or via a phone bu request an onsite visit by the moving company so as to receive an estimate. Make sure it has a U.S. Department of Transportation number on it if you intend to move to a different state.

Organize and record. Build a record of everything you need when moving so not to miss on anything and cause delays on moving day.

Clear with your child's school. Make sure to get school records for your children well in advance so that you cannot inconvenience them in the new school district.

Order supplies. Order packing tools such as bubble wrap, tape, and permanent markers. Do not forget that there are specialty containers such as dish barrels or wardrobe boxes.

Use up everything you do not intend to move with like frozen or perishable foods and cleaning supplies.

Confirm with your mover. One month to your intended move make sure that you contact your mover and confirm their service. Give them all the information they require such as moving dates, and other important details.

Begin Packing. Start packing your belongings starting with the frequently used items. When packing, make sure to note the items that may require additional insurance and make sure to declare in writing any valuable items.

Label the boxes. Make sure that all items packed in the boxes are marked clearly to ensure that they are placed at their required position in your new premises.

Notify Important parties. Make sure that you notify all important parties of your intended move. cancel all utilities and also get a day off from work so as to make your move successful.